Thursday, August 21, 2014

It's Not My Child Who Has to Change or Be Eliminated To Make Society a Better Place

by Christine Pokriefka

After I read an article about athiest Richard Dawkins tweeting out that it is "immoral" to not abort babies with Down Syndrome because they are "diagnosed before they have human feelings," I posted some comments on Facebook, then I took my son for a car ride. The quote by Richard Dawkins was more personal than I could initially say. Those who know me would instantly understand this, because my son has Down Syndrome.

As we drove along a country-like road, I had the sound track to "Frozen" playing. My son was smiling, rocking to the music and attempting to sing along to something that just made him happy. I looked over my shoulder at him and he just smiled this really sweet, happy smile that was really more like a grin.

I couldn't get Richard Dawkin's words out of my head as I watched my son. The tears soon came because I knew in my heart that it's not my child (or those like him) who has to change or be eliminated to make society a better place; but the HEARTS of society that need to change toward my son and other children with Down Syndrome. When those hearts truly change and they can see my son -- and other children like him -- as a gift, THEY will be changed forever by pure goodness, and hopefully with that new understanding will share that kindness and inherent love to others. What a better world it would be!

My niece -- young yet wise -- is able to articulate that God has created everyone with a purpose.

God's knowledge, wisdom and timing are much greater than our human understanding. I think if everyone were perfect, we would completely lose the gift of compassion. The world has become so unbalanced, and immune to things like dignity, a simple kindness, and charity -- it is alarming.

It is humbling to be in the presence of someone with Down Syndrome, who really likes you just because; loves you even more; and gives hugs with sincere warmth and just wants to "be" with you -- no ulterior motives. Your appearance does not matter to him, so why should his appearance matter to you?

I can never pretend to know the answers to life's mysteries, and it's probably better that way. There will always be joy, suffering, love and hate. I would rather have a child with Down Syndrome who loves genuinely, and I hope through his example of true goodness, unselfishness, and beaming joy that a little healing will result in this world.
That sounds like purpose to me.

BIO: Christine Pokriefka is a wife and mother, a marketing professional, an artist and a blogger for Save The 1


patti s. said...

Thank you for expressing so well what I know in my heart! EVERYONE is created ON purpose FOR a purpose!! EACH ONE OF US.

Anonymous said...

We are not all born perfect. Just because we look normal and act the way people think we should. More crimes are committed by people who are normal and look normal. God bless these children. They are a gift from God. These children have not hurt anyone.

tratwo said...

One of the sweetest little girls I have ever had the pleasure of knowing is a Down Syndrome child. She always just wanted to cuddle on my lap and have me read her stories. She is full of love and knows no hate, she is a "perfect" child. I am fortunate to call her my friend.