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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Will My Silence Save Babies? ~By Mary Rathke

With the recent debate in the New Mexico HB 390 Late-term Abortion Ban a fellow conceived in rape woman I know, was asked to be silent. She was told that her silence would save 95% of the babies that are killed in late term abortions. These politicians must assume that a woman who is desperate enough to receive a late term abortion will not lie about being raped to receive a way out of her current situation. Will my silence about being conceived in rape and being worthy of life really save 95% or will the “wink, wink-just say you were raped” approach of the abortion backers make that number 90%, 80% or even 50%? We don’t really know do we? Except we do know Norma McCorvey admitted she lied about being raped and that was why she needed an abortion. Many feel this was “an important point in the fact pattern of the Roe v. Wade case.”

Pictured here, I spoke out at a press conference in Lansing, MI December 2013 and the bill in question was passed without a rape exception. Once we who were conceived in rape spoke out, those asking for the exception immediately stopped insisting there should be an exception. Why? Because they couldn’t say our lives didn’t matter!
Save the 1, a pro-life speaker group of the “exceptions and hard cases” have been told by pro-life strategists not to keep silent but rather to speak out. If we speak out every time a pro-life bill has a rape exception, the pro-life community will finally understand that pro-life bills should not have exceptions put in them, in the first place. Even if the bill is killed initially, because in the long run the realization will come that the bills need to be presented without exceptions. I wish everyone would understand that we don’t need exceptions to pass pro-life bills, Michigan never has. When we as a pro-life community say, “Some life is not valuable,” we value none.

There are many parallel example we can look at, what if the South agreed to no more slavery except for the men over 6 foot tall. “Tall men would be too hard to control if not enslaved, don’t worry we’ll free 95% of the slaves who are under six feet.” Could you imagine if we, as an America people, found that acceptable? Some of our greatest basketball and football players, are very tall African-American men. Can you imagine living in a society where they were still kept as slaves in the South? Of course not, that is ludicrous! But at the time of the Civil War the thought of slavery being overturned was ludicrous to many people, however the abolitionist fought on. They educated the masses, they showed pictures of the brutality of slavery and eventually garnered enough support to overturn laws.

What about today? Should we educate the masses, show them pictures of those conceived in rape and shout from the roof tops their life matters? Unless we can pass a bill that has no exceptions in it, unless we can tell everyone every life matters, unless we can create a ban that does not allow any “wink, wink-lying” we will not have a real opportunity to overturn Roe v Wade. What the masses need to understand is, if a woman has the option of saying she had been raped, she will use that option in a desperate time. She will then live with the guilt of abortion for the rest of her life. The abortion will not end the memories of a rape it will only end a life, how can we live with that?
Can you look at my picture and say my life does not matter?
Rathke 482cP @200

As an adopted daughter whose birth mother had been raped, Mary Rathke shares that even after a horrible encounter of rape, one can choose life and joy. Mary's story includes her birth mother's experience, how her adopted mother's tragic past was restored through adoption and the tough decisions she faced when her oldest son was born at 1lb 8oz. Mary is a wife, and mother of four children. She is a licensed minster and speaks monthly at the Good Samaritan Rescue Mission Chapel. She is a Savethe1 Director of the Board and the President of HELPeople, INC. She has been a part of the International March for Life Leadership conference in Rome, Italy and is endorsed by Dr James Dobson.
Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Pain-Capable Abortion Bans with Exceptions are Not Pro-Life Bills by Sarah St. Onge

Last week the South Carolina House voted to prohibit abortion after 20 weeks post-conception based on the strong likelihood of pain on the part of the unborn child. The law was passed without rape, incest, or fetal anomaly restrictions- a monumental achievement given the status of our current "pro-life" belief system in this country.

There is a possibility that this South Carolina legislation could pass into law- questionable is whether it will pass without those exceptions for rape, incest, or fetal anomaly. Governor Nikki Haley has expressed her support, promising to sign the bill into legislation as is, should it make it to her desk. Unfortunately supporting "no exceptions" abortion prohibitions is something that many politicians see as a political kiss of death, and many are afraid to openly do so. The few brave souls who do openly support no compromise legislation rarely offer a strong defense for their position- more often stumbling in their efforts when questioned or criticized. It remains to be seen whether the SC Senate will actually leave this an authentically pro-life law, or add those exceptions into the bill.

In addition to the bill in South Carolina, there are ten states which already have pain-capable abortion bans on the books. In addition there are other pain-capable bills presently working their way through state legislatures. For example, Ohio and Virginia are currently working on amending abortion laws to protect their most vulnerable citizens. Almost all manifestations of these laws are facing debate over exceptions for rape, incest, or fetal anomaly. Problematic in this is the nature of what the bill is trying to accomplish -- ending abortion after the point where an unborn child most likely begins to feel pain.

There is one item which seems to be ignored by those supporting these exemptions, including some pro-life supporters:

Abortion laws in which exceptions exist codify discrimination

As the mother of a child born with lethal birth defect, and who did not live for very long after birth, I feel that my personal experience offers me a deeper understanding of what these laws mean. Whether an unborn child can feel pain is not an abstract concept to be fought out as political philosophy nor should it be a power maneuver by institutional trade unions (ie. ACOG) whose monopoly on women's health issues is coming to an end. It is a real question with which families will struggle when making decisions about facing an exceptional pregnancy. Babies like my daughter are purposely excluded from laws meant to protect unborn children from excruciating pain -- for no fault of their own, but rather because of society’s perception of what it means to continue a pregnancy after receiving a poor diagnosis.

There have been numerous studies, which seem to definitively prove that an unborn child can feel pain. Some studies indicate that a child at 20 weeks post-conception feels pain more acutely than a post-birth baby.

The question is, if this is the case -- why would exceptions be acceptable to anyone, especially the pro-life person?

Why is it acceptable to close our eyes to the possibility of such excruciating pain on the part of an unborn child, solely based on the events surrounding their conception or their perceived disability or life expectancy? Is there some physiological difference between babies conceived during rape and those who were not, which causes the unborn child of rape to feel pain less acutely? We know for certain that many infants with cephalic issues have active pain responses even when portions of their brains are damaged or even missing. There is no evidence that babies with anomalies feel less pain then congenitally intact infants.

The South Carolina House has taken a stand and delivered a truly pro-life piece of legislation which is a model for all other pro-life legislatures. It is also a model of what pro-life actually means for the rest of us. The understanding that pro-life means pro-all-life is something which needs to be addressed more specifically.

The majority of Americans support pain-capable abortion restrictions. Most likely a politician passing pro-life legislation was elected in part because of their life-affirming position and not through the votes of their pro-choice constituency. Yet exceptions for rape, incest, and fetal anomaly are regularly included in pro-life legislation. This is one of the most troubling aspects of this issue -- that these politicians supporting these laws are "pro-life" politicians. They represent pro-life persons when they vote. They represent you.

It is incumbent upon us to begin elucidating our positions from a logical standpoint -- if we are to support pain-capable legislation, then we need to support it for every baby, not just those who were conceived in optimal circumstances. If we create a dynamic where delegating negative value to certain groups of people is acceptable, then babies like my daughter are going to be the recipients. Unborn children will continue to be relegated a place in a strange hierarchy which assumes a pro-life title, but is discriminatory and anything but pro-life.

BIO:  Sarah St. Onge is a wife, mother of 4, step-mother of 2, and pro-life blogger for Save The 1.  She's also the founder of, a pro-life, diagnosis specific website which supports parents who continue their pregnancy after receiving the same lethal diagnosis which took her daughter, Beatrix Elizabeth.  She blogs on grief, loss, and pro-life issues pertaining to continuing a pregnancy after a lethal anomaly has been diagnosed, at

Monday, February 23, 2015

Conceived in Rape-Incest, I Was Bullied After Testifying Before the NM Legislature, by Rowena Slusser

On Friday, February 20, 2015, I went to the New Mexico Roundhouse to speak out in support of HB 390 Late-term Abortion Ban -- without the rape exception.  My family and I got there early, and I was excited, but nervous! This was a big step for me on so many levels.  While I have shared my story with more people than I can count, I had never spoken in front of a legislative committee with opposition around me.  Why would I go before the committee and share how I was conceived in incest/rape?  Because the lives of the rape/incest-conceived matter, and as a follower of Christ, I must stand for what is right!  A bill with the rape exception IS NOT RIGHT, NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE SAYS!  Before I go into the details of that comment, I want to share what my day was like.

The House Regulatory and Public Affairs Committee allowed those who were against the ban to speak first.  Their testimonies went for 2 or 3 hours.  Listening to the pro-abortion statements was difficult, to say the least. Some of the comments were almost comical because the facts presented seemed staged.  I had to cough a few times to clear my throat so I could stifle the chuckle.  It was heartbreaking to watch soon-to-be physicians and MD’s spout the lies they believe about abortion. Some of these women were so young!  Even as I listened to them, I was praying for God to reveal the truth to them.  There were women who were virtually shouting at the committee that it was their body, their lives and that the legislators had no right!  I sat in my chair beside my husband and children, thinking how selfish those comments were.  I saw hatred spewing from these women’s mouths onto our legislators.  It was sad.
After the opposing side had its turn, the line of speakers for HB 390 started to line up.  Since I am in a power chair, moving around this crowded room was a chore.  When I got to the line of those who wanted to testify in support of the bill, I started to navigate through the stream of people.  I was treated with kindness and allowed to be second to speak.  Oh man, I was conflicted!  I was relieved that my task would soon be over, but I was also so nervous!  What if I forget to properly address the committee?  What if I freeze up completely?  What if I just cry?  What if I make a fool of myself?  What if the committee or anyone else hates me and I am mistreated?  Those are just a few of the thoughts which I was fighting against.
Though I knew for days before that I was to speak, yet every time I would sit to write out what I was to say, the paper stayed blank. I sought the Father for His guidance.  What did He want me to tell this committee?
I finally wrote down a few words on a piece of paper, while I waited to testify. Here is what I wrote” “Madam and Mr. Chair and Committee, My name is Rowena Slusser and I am in support of HB 390 with an amendment to remove the rape/incest and sexual abuse exception.”  I still didn’t know what else I was to tell this legislative body.  Finally, it was my turn to the microphone.  I vaguely remember reading the introduction off the paper.  I remember saying something about the exception being a civil rights issue.  The rest of my testimony is a fog.  I have seen my video, so I know that I said what was needed, but it was the Lord who put those words in my mouth!  
I told my story of having been conceived when my biological father raped his own daughter, and how at 5 months pregnant, doctors tried to pressure my mom into a late-term abortion. I also shared how I later became pregnant  at the age of 13 when my step-father raped me, but I tragically miscarried.  I explained to them that he would have forced an abortion upon me, which would have only protected and enabled him.  As I testified, I remember seeing the committee through what I can only describe as a wall of water because I was so full of emotion.
I can only imagine how Moses felt going before Pharaoh, knowing that Pharaoh’s heart would be hardened!  What of Esther?  She becomes queen, only to go before the king, unannounced (which is punishable by death), to speak up for the life of her people!  But my own life certainly wasn’t on the line -- I was not in any physical danger. The bravery of these two biblical heroes is astounding to me, while yet inspiring me. I felt as though I was pleading for the lives of my people!  Who are my people?  They are men and women who were conceived in rape or incest! They are the pre-born babies conceived in rape or incest! They are the women who are marginalized and mistreated for wanting to keep their children!  They are the parents who have adopted a rape or incest-conceived child!  We are the first to be offered up as a sacrifice upon the altar of the politics of compromise.  When our lives are extinguished, so many suffer.
Out of all the “pro-life” speakers who testified, only four of us took a stand, asking for the rape and incest exception to be removed.  Not one Albuquerque pro-life leader stood against the exception!  One of the “pro-life” leaders recently called me a “good friend” on Facebook, but good friends have each other’s backs.
The line of speakers dwindled down, and I was so relieved because we had been in the hearing for over 4 hours at that point. Then I was surprised when my husband said that he wanted to testify!  He got up there, introduced himself, and said that he supported the bill with an amendment to remove the rape, incest and sexual abuse exception. Whoa -- my husband, my hero is standing up!  He has been my biggest support and encouragement -- I have always known that he has my back when it came to my past and my conception, but now he was speaking out, telling the committee that he was thankful to my mom for saying no to an abortion!  He said that this exception was wrong, telling them how much he valued me, and how much he loves me -- I was beyond words!  That was MY MAN and my man was bold!!!  I am so thankful for him!  (Casey, I love you and respect you!)
Finally, the last speaker testified, then the committee asked questions of the presenters of the bill, and the vote was taken. The bill passed committee with the exceptions in it. The vote was 4-3, along party lines.  My heart broke, but I wasn’t surprised.
I was ready to go to the hotel.  My children sat through the entire hearing and were tired.  I had completed the mission set for me, and was ready for some rest and relaxation.  But that isn’t what happened.
As we were preparing to leave, I was approached by New Mexico House of Representative Rod Montoya (R-San Juan County, District 1). He positioned himself in a way which made it difficult for me to remove myself.  I felt trapped as he whispered with a firm voice in very low tones.  He told us that he had other people get up to speak for the bill because he didn’t want the Committee to recall what the previous speaker had said -- someone else at the end who had urged that the rape exception be removed!  He warned that we had to be careful with what we say, telling me that if I continue to show that I do not fully support the bill, I could cause it to not go through.  I told him that I understood what he was saying, but that I had to speak my conscience!  He said that in the House, it wasn’t as big of a deal, but that in the state Senate, there were two Democratic senators who won’t vote for the bill’s passage if they heard the slightest opposition.  
With much fervor, he tried explaining to me that “at least some babies would be saved.” To this comment, I replied that it was the babies’ lives left out of the bill which is the problem.  So then he “assured” me that if the bill passed with the exceptions, that they would later revisit it, and cover all lives. Despite a rape exception with no reporting requirements, and despite a gaping “health of the mother” exception with no standards other than the abortionist’s “opinion,” he maintained that this bill would save 95% of the babies being aborted late-term.  I told him again that the 5% is why I am fighting, assuring him that I wouldn’t purposely try to kill the bill, but that I will not back down from defending babies conceived the same way I was!  To this, he actually eluded to me being selfish.
I then told Representative Montoya that the only possibility of me not speaking out was if he would email me “proof” of other abortion bills which had exceptions, where legislators later removed the exceptions. (Mind you, I know that he cannot do this because it hasn’t happened!)  He changed the subject and again scolded me to stay quiet!  I firmly told him that I would do what I thought was right.  He again accused me that it would be my fault if the bill didn’t pass the Senate.
At this point, my husband saw what was going on and engaged him in conversation.  I told Representative Montoya that I’ve already considered what he was saying, but that I must not back down.  My husband then asked him questions which completely stumped him, and I was finally able to remove myself from this “silencing” session.  I have seen movies where a politician tries to manipulate someone to change their stance, but experiencing this in person, on such a critical matter, was surreal, and disturbing to my spirit.
This adventure reminds me of a clip from the novel Divergent.  Tris has chosen Dauntless. She has to jump into the unknown to finalize her choice.  She has to have courage and bravery!  All she has known is how to be invisible as Abnegation. Selfless, now she has to be daring -- take risk!  I see myself a lot in the character of Tris.  I have been sheltered in my world, raising my children, being a stay-at-home wife and mom, serving others – all of which I love, but it is a sort of comfort zone for me.  Now I am being asked to jump out of my comfort zone and into battle.  My voice -- my risk has been minimal.  Now the Lord is calling me to scale mountaintops with Him. Take risks.
Testifying in the hearing was a risk, a big risk.  This risk has consequences.  Some consequences have already presented themselves.  I have had painful comments from people close to me.  I have been bullied by legislative and pro-life leaders.  My heart is broken!  Do I regret standing up, taking the risk?  No, I do not!  My Savior reminds me that He gives me His peace.  I am loved by Him so I do not have to be afraid.  This is His working!  He will continue to lead me and give me what to say, and I am certain that my day at the Roundhouse was the first of many advocating for the lives of women who conceive in rape, incest, sexual abuse, and sex trafficking, along with the lives of innocent pre-born babies who were conceived in rape, incest, sexual abuse and sex trafficking.
BIO:  Rowena Slusser is a wife, mother of 2, and blogger for Save The 1.  Read more of her story here.  Conceived in rape/incest, she advocates for the protection of all human life.  Her personal blog is “Treasure of Life.” 
Thursday, February 19, 2015

New Mexico’s Late-Term Abortion Bill is Fatally Flawed by Rebecca Kiessling

New Mexico is currently the late-term capitol of America, so understandably, with a new Republican majority in the House, pro-life legislators and activists are making a push to get late-term abortion banned in New Mexico.  Although New Mexico also has a pro-life Republican Governor – Susana Martinez, it still has a solidly Democrat-controlled Senate (25-17.)  Accordingly, this legislation is not expected to pass the Senate, and so, is a “message bill.”

But what message is being sent?  Let’s take a closer look at the legislation, HB 390.  First of all, the definition of abortion jumped out at me as being grossly ill-defined –” 2A. ‘abortion’ means the intentional termination of the pregnancy of a female by a person who knows the female is pregnant. “  This definition would encompass any induction of labor, including a c-section, where a baby is born healthy.  If you take a look at Merriam-Webster’s definition of abortion, it is much more clearly defined:  “the termination of a pregnancy after, accompanied by, resulting in, or closely followed by the death of the embryo or fetus.”
Now let’s take a look at the exceptions in the bill under subsection 5B, in which a physician is allowed to perform a late-term abortion on a viable unborn child over 20 weeks gestationally:    
               (1) the physician has determined that in the physician's opinion the late-term abortion is necessary to preserve the life or health of the pregnant woman; provided, however, that the physician shall take all reasonable steps to preserve the life and health of the fetus; or
                (2) the pregnant woman asserts that the pregnancy resulted from sexual abuse, rape or incest.
Most pro-life activists see the “health of the mother” language and instantly recognize that this language is code for abortion on demand, for any reason.  Even Congress’ flawed Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, did not have a health of the mother exception, but a very limited life of the mother exception, specifically excluding psychological or emotional conditions.   In Doe v Bolton – the companion case to Roe v Wade, the U.S. Supreme Court defined “health of the mother” as follows:  “that the medical judgment may be exercised in the light of all factors - physical, emotional, psychological, familial, and the woman's age - relevant to the well-being of the patient.  All these factors may relate to health.”  This is why the “health of the mother” exception has lead to abortion through all nine months of pregnancy, for any reason.  Pro-choice activists know this, but apparently, New Mexico legislators are unaware.
The second exception is, of course, one which personally offends members of Save The 1, given that most of us were either conceived in rape or are mothers from rape.   Why do we deserve the death penalty for the crimes of our biological fathers?  Rapists don’t even get the death penalty – see Coker v Georgia (1977) and in Kennedy v Louisiana (2008), the U.S. Supreme Court said it’s “cruel and unusual punishment” even for child molesters.  So how does the innocent child deserve the death penalty for his crime?
Again, the flawed rape-exception Pain-Capable bill in Congress even had some level of standards which passed muster for many pro-life activists – that the rape had to be reported.  When some female Republicans threatened to block the bill unless that reporting requirement was removed, that was enough for pro-life activists to retreat because even those who would compromise on the rape exception, were unwilling to compromise on the reporting requirement.  This bill doesn’t even have a reporting requirement, which again means abortion on demand for any reason.  After all, Roe v Wade was founded on a false claim of rape.
Lastly, this mediocre bill sets the penalty for intentionally killing a 20-week+ unborn child at $5,000, 1 year license suspension and 18 months in jail, since it would only be a fourth degree felony.   In footnote 54 of the U.S. Supreme Court’s opinion in Roe v Wade,  the Court pointed out that the state’s whole argument for personhood of the unborn child is undermined by exceptions, by excluding the mother as a principal (as this bill does,) and by the penalty for the abortion being “significantly less than the maximum penalty for murder.”  As the Roe Court put it:  If the fetus is a person, may the penalties be different?”
So before pro-life activists in New Mexico go jumping on the band wagon, please stop and ask yourselves, “What kind of message are we sending?”
BIO:  Rebecca Kiessling is a wife, mother of 5 , attorney and international pro-life speaker, sharing her story of having been conceived in rape and nearly aborted at two back-alley abortions, but legally protected in Michigan pre-Roe v Wade.  She’s the founder and President of Save The 1, and co-founder of Hope After Rape Conception.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Conceived in Incestuous Rape, My Mom Said NO to Abortion! by Rowena Slusser

I woke up this morning, on my 13,499th day of life. The idea that I was unplanned and conceived in incestuous rape, floods my thoughts today. Who wanted me? My mom didn’t even know she was pregnant with me. My father may have wanted me, but why would he? He raped his daughter and that is why I am here. He should have been my grandfather. Most of my biological family on my father’s side wishes I would just go away. In the world’s “tolerant ” eyes, I am a stain in their evolutionary chain. In the eyes of some “Christian pro-lifers,” I am demon spawn, or evil offspring, a bastard or anything but a person created in God’s image.

My home state of New Mexico has a bill that will go before the House Regulatory and Public Affairs Committee, which would ban late-term abortion. This bill, which if passed would save babies’ lives, excludes the lives of the babies conceived in rape, incest, or sexual abuse. Pro-lifers who say that EVERY life matters but support a bill that excludes the lives conceived in a horrid and tortuous way are acting in a hypocritical nature. Not that I am not calling pro-lifers hypocrites, but the belief that save some as long as they are not the rape/incest conceived is hypocritical. Supporting an abortion ban with any exception is the easy way. Matthew 7:12-14, “So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets. Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few.” Ask yourself, “Would I want to be the exception?” Christian pro-lifers should give thanks  that the God who chose them didn’t put stipulation on their lives. He sent His son to die for them; each “Christian pro-lifer” by name. As Christians, we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the principalities and powers in this evil age. Again, while humans are writing and voting on this ban and others like it, my battle isn’t against flesh and blood or their blinded bias. My battle is a spiritual one. God and Him Alone is the giver of life. Any law that give the okay to murder one class of unborn children is not from God!

This bill and those like its are “feel good” bills. Pro-lifers can say that they supported something good. Imagine for a moment if God told Moses that only the Jews who were between the ages of 20 and 35 were to be rescued from Egypt! How different the story of the Exodus would be. What if Jesus said Go into only three nations and preach the Gospel. Would you be saved? What if on the cross, Jesus said that his death would only save the people with blue eyes? Would you be saved? That is what exceptions are! Can you not see that exceptions for rape, incest and sexual abuse conceived babies is doing what I described above?

We, as Christian Pro-lifers should not SETTLE for a ban with exception. Yes, New Mexico is lawless and unmoral in regards to abortion, but is having a ban with exceptions really showing the heart of Creator God? NO! NO! NO! Why are some of us supporting a bill that excludes so many lives?
So back to my story. Why would I care if I am valued? Because I am created in the image of God! I had a friend, who was conceived in rape, tell me that truly the only value at the start of our lives came from God. As I thought about what she said, I could identify. Only God had a plan for me. Psalm 139:13-16 says, “For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them.” Ephesians 1:4-5 reminds me that he predestined me for adoption. Ephesians 1:4-5,”even as he chose us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and blameless before him. In love he predestined us for adoption as sons through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of his will,” Ephesians 2:10, “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” This verse reminds me that I have been called to good works, which were prepared before hand for me. What can I take away from these verses? God knew me, knew how I would be conceived, knew that I would not be valued in this world. BUT He valued me, my life and gave my life meaning and a calling! This is why I stand and fight for the lives of babies conceived in rape, incest or sexual abuse.

Right now, God is knitting together a baby boy and/or girl. He is giving them distinct personalities, eye colors, life-callings and purposes. And right now, if this bill passed, these babies would be on the chopping block. Why? Because they were conceived in incest, rape or sexual abuse. This “ban” would make it legal to torture them in the womb. They would die violent and painful deaths. And think of their moms! Their moms are terrified and feel trapped. Many women are forced by their perpetrator to have an abortion. Likewise, families (even Christian families) pressure and shame women into having an abortion. This ban doesn’t protect the most vulnerable of women; instead it harms and victimizes them further. This ban is anti-woman!!!

I want to wrap up by telling you where I am today. By God’s grace and my mom telling the doctor “NO” to the abortion offered to her, I am now married 15 years and have two children. I share my story of how I have and am overcoming 16 years of incestuous rape, sexual assault and various other forms of abuse. Thankfully, I survived being raped by a stranger at age 20. My life is valued in my family by my beautiful mom, one younger brother, one older sister, two younger sisters, my beloved husband, my son, and my daughter. I have other biological family members who would like for me and my story to disappear because I choose to stand for TRUTH! My church family also supports and values my life and those like me.

Please pray as I stand before the New Mexico House Regulatory and Public Affairs Committee. I will do this on Friday, February 20, 2015 and give them my testimony. While I am aware that this ill will probably continue on with the rape exception, I must stand for the lives of the unborn left on the alter of politics. Jesus tells us in John 13:34-35, “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” Is a ban on abortion with a rape exception truly loving one another? Truly? Is this exception not a plot written by man? Proverbs 14:12 says, “There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death.” Also Proverbs 14:15-16 tells us, “The simple believes everything, but the prudent gives thought to his steps. One who is wise is cautious and turns away from evil, but a fool is reckless and careless.”

I stand All unborn lives for the Glory of God. All this is pointless if it only brings glory to me or any other person. Jesus died and saved me. He chose me to glorify Him! To Jesus Christ only be the Glory. I will end with Galatians 2:20, “I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.”

BIO:  Rowena Slusser is a wife, mother of 2, and blogger for Save The 1.  Conceived in rape/incest, she advocates for the protection of all human life

Use Your Power to Stop Abortion ~by Darlene Pawlik

Restored Colonial One-Room Schoolhouse

One of the ways anyone can educate the public and those in positions of power is to write a letter exposing the facts, mingling them with real people’s stories and putting out very specific actions that you want the educated to take.  This can take many forms. 

A letter to the editor may be to get regular people to think a certain way.  The same is true of a blog post or other social media.  If you have a school board member who wants to bring abortion vendors into your school, you would write to the Board member, but then try to get it published as an open letter.  

This is also effective for putting pressure on legislators and other officials, such as the zoning commission of your city or town.  If a letter is strong, many outlets will publish it just to incite discussion and call attention to their publication.  They are not necessarily going to be on your side, but that doesn’t matter if you get the word out.  Write it in such a way that the public will help to give voice to the conversation. 

Below is a letter to a legislator concerning a recent public policy discussion. Notice the pattern: first, she thanks them for service, then points out positive(s), then intersperses personal information, it need not be yours, then addresses the problem head on, offers a different point of view and a potential solution.  

Hooray! You have educated the person who can make a difference.  If you get it published, you may educate many people, well beyond the scope of your imagination.  

Dear Congresswoman Ellmers,

Thank you for your service to our great country.  Thank you for your concern for trafficking victims, in particular.  In your statements, you and Ms Wasserman-Schultz both identified yourselves as women, implying that you were looking out for your demographic by introducing H.R. 398, a bill to Educate and Equip Healthcare Professionals to Recognize Signs of Human Trafficking So They Can Intercede on Patients’ Behalf.  This is admirable.

Sex trafficking is a very prevalent problem and teaching people in health care how to identify it,
is definitely one of the ways to combat it and rescue victims. 

I can more fully identify with the demographic of trafficked women.  I was conceived by rape and that knowledge made me vulnerable to traffickers. I felt worth less than others because of the continued sexual abuse and neglect.  I was first sold on my 14th birthday. Standing in three inches of slush that topped my sneakers, I met with the man who groomed me all summer long.

H.R. 36, the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act specifically singled out trafficking victims, making them vulnerable to the abortion industry.  This further violation is abhorrent.  It would serve traffickers well, keeping their victims subdued and further subjecting them to constant degradation and often brutal rapes. Covering the crime of child sexual abuse is in direct opposition to your H.R. 398. 

H.R. 36 would ban the brutal practice of killing babies after 20 weeks gestation.  Even if one were to suggest that a rape victim is detrimentally impacted by the pregnancy, which is dubious at best, can you justify the affirmation that a rape victim’s baby is somehow less of a human being than a child conceived with wine and roses?  

Does the child’s existence warrant being hacked limb from limb and having her little head crushed or her heart being pierced and injected with potassium chloride to cause an excruciating heart attack or being burned, inside and out, with saline solution?  

When the women realize what they have participated in, what will you do?  As she is reaching adulthood and learns of the level of prenatal development; that her baby was fully formed and needed only weeks to grow before he or she could be delivered and given a chance for a fruitful life, are you willing to have her further torment on your conscience?  Or when she delivers that dead baby and the compounded trauma relegates her to a lifetime of PTSD, will you be able to ignore the effects on society?

The text of H.R. 36 reads, in part, (ii) the pregnancy is the result of rape, or the result of incest against a minor, if the rape has been reported at any time prior to the abortion to an appropriate law enforcement agency, or if the incest against a minor has been reported at any time prior to the abortion to an appropriate law enforcement agency or to a government agency legally authorized to act on reports of child abuse or neglect.

As a runaway, I was arrested numerous times, Child In Need of Service requests were made to the local authorities.  This is very common among trafficked children. There is a report of abuse or neglect by definition. I did get pregnant by a man who bought me as a house pet. He demanded I have an abortion and threatened my life, if I didn’t kill my baby.  This is also common among trafficking victims.  

I implore you to work to remove the rape and incest exceptions from H.R. 36.  If you believe, as I believe, that women and children who have been victims of rape should not be further victimized, then you will work against the exceptions in the bill.  You have already demonstrated the desire to protect your demographic.  Show your courage to be their advocate in this matter.

Respectfully Submitted,

Darlene Pawlik

Follow this kind of format for all of  your educational letters. 

Darlene Pawlik is a Savethe1 speaker, Chair of the Educational Trust for NH Right  to Life and long time homeschool mom.  She resides in New England and travels to speak about trafficking, coerced abortion, and discrimination of rape-conceived victims.
Thursday, February 12, 2015

Carry to Birth Group Celebrates Defeat of Ireland Abortion Law by Sarah St. Onge

In 2010 my unborn daughter was diagnosed with a lethal birth anomaly. We continued our pregnancy, much to the consternation of our physicians, and she lived for almost two hours after birth. 

As the mother of a child who was diagnosed in the womb with a life limiting condition, I take a keen interest in abortion legislation which seeks to destroy protections for the most vulnerable members of our society like my daughter Beatrix.

This includes international legislation like that which was roundly defeated in The Republic of Ireland earlier this week. Socialist politician Clare Daly proposed a bill that would legalize terminating pregnancies in which a lethal birth defect had been detected. These laws have often been used to weaken limitations on abortion overall -- removing the focus from the child involved, who has a right to life no matter how short that life will be, and instead wrongfully focusing solely on the woman carrying the child.

During the proceedings we heard the stories of women "compelled" to leave the Republic of Ireland to end their children's lives. "Forced" to have their very personal medical procedures preformed in a foreign land, these women were not surrounded by their friends and family as they allegedly  "deserved" to be.

Not once did we hear about the value of the child whose life hung in the balance as an individual, except in terms of how the parent quantified that value. Not once did we hear about the humanity of the child involved, except in terms of how the expectant mother viewed the situation. This is disturbing to me, as the mother of one of these fragile children.

Unfortunately, the attitude that a child's worth before birth is dependent upon a mother's judgement is one shared by many Americans today. When you add a lethal birth defect (or a sexual assault) to the mix, then even many pro-life persons have trouble properly focusing on the issue of the child's humanity.

This was abundantly evident last month when our own House of Representatives scuttled a pain-capable abortion prohibition because of the lack of "protections" for women who have become pregnant as a result of sexual assault. 

This bill was widely viewed as one of the most significant pieces of pro-life legislation since the Roe v. Wade decision, was supported by the majority of Americans, and was considered to be an easy win for House Republicans, most of whom ran on a pro-life ticket. The votes were there. It was set to be passed on the 42nd anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

But it failed. 

It fell fast and hard over one small item. A rape exception.

Like lethal fetal anomalies, sexual assault is a bullet point that pro-choice activists like to use when trying to defeat pro-life legislation. It's their trump card, and it's the last life breath of a movement that has been slowly dying for decades. 

Either one of these exceptions can be called up at will when any pro-life legislation is winning support, and portrayed in such a way that progress in terms of pro-life legislation seems "anti-woman." They sway public opinion with one sided emotional stories -- never sharing the side of parents who love their children conceived in rape or carried to birth, and because pro-life legislators fail to articulate a strong defense of all life. They throw out images of women suffering under the undue tension of these negatively affected pregnancies, and like the arguments by Clare Daly, they never address the humanity or worth of the baby involved. 

Because of the overwhelmingly negative association with carrying to birth, based on the inappropriately focused pro-choice narrative, parents are very rarely told of the benefits of continuing their pregnancies. This creates a dynamic where women are pressured into ending pregnancies with affected babies, thus denying families the opportunity to parent their child for the short life that they will have. During my own pregnancy with Beatrix, we faced doctors who unapologetically pushed termination even after we had clearly stated that we were not interested in ending her life. 

Unlike our own lawmakers, the Dáil seems to understand what is at stake, that the deceptively-named "Protection of Life" abortion bill has everything to do with destroying life. The Irish legislators understand that a woman facing a pregnancy in which a lethal diagnosis has been made is not the only patient involved in the situation, that the child involved has the right to protection. No person should have the right to decide when another person should die, based on the circumstances of their conception. 

As pro-life Americans, it would behoove us to remember that the reason we are called "pro-life" is our unshakeable belief that all life is sacred -- even for those whose lives may not last long. In order to continue the steady progress which has been made, we must remember that the baby in the photo below is equally as important as the women whom Clare Daly was purportedly trying to "save".

BIO:  Sarah Connors is a wife, mother of 4, step-mother of 2, and pro-life blogger for Save The 1.  She's also the founder of, a pro-life, diagnosis specific website which supports parents who continue their pregnancy after receiving the same lethal diagnosis which took her daughter, Beatrix Elizabeth.  She blogs on grief, loss, and pro-life issues pertaining to continuing a pregnancy after a lethal anomaly has been diagnosed, at