Monday, June 25, 2018

Does anyone care about God's opinion?

We all have defining moments in our lives.  Usually they are moments marked by the birth of a child or sadly by the death of a loved one….maybe a new job, a move to a new state and so much more.

One of my most defining moments can be said in two words “Kunta Kinte.”  For some of you that will immediately bring to mind an image of a young LeVar Burton in the tv mini series Roots and for others you may not be familiar with that TV show, but for me it was and will forever be heavily marked on my heart and in my mind.

I loved learning about history in 4th and 5th grade.  I think because history is truly people’s stories in life’s journey and how our stories impact people, nations and the world, that history has always captivated my attention as at a young age, even though not a Christian, the value of each soul was impressed upon my heart by God in a way that people’s stories and people’s pain impacted me in a very profound way.  

I had learned about slavery, of course, as any grade school student does as I studied our American history and while it impacted me, the reality of it did not hit me until I found myself watching a new TV series that would hit the air waves in 1977 while I was still in grade school.  That was Roots.   Kunta Kinte’s life and the lives of both the slaves and the slave owners would forever impact my life.  To this day the images that I tried to erase are still clearly marked on my heart and mind.

Even as a young girl, I sat there in disbelief that any human being could justify in any way treating ANY other human being as if they were/are not human.  It made no sense to me. TRULY MADE NO SENSE TO ME.  I mean of course logically I had learned the sick rationale that was used to enslave people but I could not wrap my mind around how any human being could go along with something so clearly evil beyond words.  I would wrestle and wrestle how anyone could ever not only do this but allow this and allow this on a level of actual legislation supporting this in our nation and in our history.

Fast forward to my college years….Jesus reached down and saved my undeserving soul.  While I saw Him merely as fire insurance in that moment so to speak initially and did not really start following Him and engaging in a vibrant relationship with my Savior until my mid twenties, instantly I knew that being pro choice, which I had been in college, was wrong and I immediately said I would never vote for a Democrat again and would always support Republicans with my vote as I knew that Republicans by in large voted pro life.  Outside of voting though I did very little to show any evidence that I was pro life.  I was in word but not in deed which truly leaves one to question if I was really pro life at all as my lip service  apart from any real actions hardly qualified me to call myself pro life.

It was not until my husband and I found ourselves facing three top doctors at a top hospital in IL that my eyes were truly opened to the reality of abortion in America and how much it was and is a part of the very fabric of our nation.   I remember clear as day as if just yesterday that utter feeling of horror and shock that people in medicine not only suggest, that is bad enough, but insist on parents killing their child and not only killing their child but the reasoning being because the child is sick.  Since when did/does being sick become a crime and become something worthy of being killed over????  Of course, in utter shock that this would even be suggested we kindly argued with and took a STRONG, BOLD yet kind stand against this and today we have a beautiful, KIND beyond measure 20 year old daughter that lights up every room she enters and impacts lives with her kindness.
But it would not stop there the education on abortion God was revealing to me.   I was about to get an even bigger and most unexpected education yet again within a community I had always viewed as truly safe and truly pro life as I had once viewed the medical community.  

I started to learn that EVEN IN the pro life community there were factions of people that did not really believe in PRO LIFE at all as they would advocate for or succumb to fighting for some lives but not ALL lives.  This, just like with the utter shock of those in the medical community seeing abortion as a very real “solution” and “option,” was just as shocking to me that there were people within pro life life that held the same stance.  I was in utter shock! And what is this stance within the pro life community where some who profess to fight for life would relegate some lives to less valuable than others…..THE EXCEPTIONS……

Just like with Roots, as a young girl, as I sat in front of the TV screen in utter shock and disbelief with tears running down my face uncontrollably, I would sit before God with tears running down my face asking how could this be.   I fully understand the deception of someone who does not follow Jesus buying into the lie of abortion as a solution, as that was once me before I encountered Jesus.  BUT … find out that professing believers, professing followers of Jesus Christ, professing pro life people would say that abortion is ok in any circumstance or being willing to go along with it for some so that others could live was nothing short of knock me on my bottom shocking to me.

It would forever take me back to slavery in our history.  Professing believers not only supported slavery and had slaves but would go along with legislation to support that and legislation that dehumanized an entire people group.  Professing believers would justify slavery because of the economic benefit to so many which well outweighed the cost to the human lives of the slaves….sound familiar…….benefiting the many even though at great cost to the few?????  Abortion…..EXCEPTIONS…….

As a believer, there will NEVER EVER, let me repeat this in kindness and love but so boldly, that there will never be a time that SIN IS THE SOLUTION TO ANYTHING THAT AILS MAN.  The sin of slavery may have seemed like a solution to the South’s economic woes and a way for great prosperity for many but in God’s economy is SIN EVER THE SOLUTION???  Praise God enough people were willing to be hated, put their lives on the line and accept no compromises and fight for the complete end to slavery. It was a defining moment in our history……Today is no different.

Sin is still never the solution even though from a human standpoint it can be rationalized and not even called sin…..but as with slavery….as with the compromise of some states being free and others slave states-that would never be God’s way to say, “Well at least some states are free even if some still allow slavery.” NO! God never condones sin…because SIN HURTS ALL INVOLVED…….God does not compromise and neither should we……..Pro life legislation with exceptions is sin before a holy God….it is no different then when our nation made compromises allowing for some free states….That may have seemed generous and like a win win but when an entire people group was still dehumanized and enslaved in the slave states that compromise was of man and never of God.

May the pro life community and may pro life legislators who know Jesus as Lord and Savior filter exceptions in pro life legislation through the lens of Jesus the same way that the abolitionists who would tolerate no compromises filtered their stand and their fight through the lens of Jesus.  We can do what seems right to man and compromise and for a moment in time, it may appear to be the loving thing, but God will never allow anything HE does not call love to be called love and when HE calls ALL life valuable then our job is not to make excuses, not to compromise, not to make exceptions but to respond to HIS Heart and do the same by calling all life valuable as well….with no exceptions.  We must not settle for exceptions…the same way those that truly took a stand against slavery would not settle for at least some states being free states, we must not settle for at least some babies being saved while others die…….

Suzanne Guy
Save the 1 speaker and blogger
Saturday, June 16, 2018

Save The 1 Intervenes in Iowa Heartbeat Case -- Our Hearts Beat Too! By Rebecca Kiessling, with Brad and Jesi Smith

On May 4, 2018, Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds signed the Heartbeat Bill into law which would protect unborn children who have a detectable heartbeat, except "when the abortion is medically necessary" and defines "medically necessary" as cases of rape, incest and fetal abnormality, making the abortion provider the sole arbiter of these determinations.  These exceptions were surprisingly added -- allegedly because certain legislators in the House would not sign the bill without exceptions.

Save The 1 is a global pro-life organization of over 600 of us who were conceived in rape, incest or sex trafficking and mothers who became pregnant by rape, incest or sex trafficking who are either raising their children, birth mothers, miscarried, or post-abortive and mourn the loss of their children.  Additionally, we have hundreds who were told by physicians to abort due to a pre-natal diagnosis, along with their children who were targeted by doctors.  We specialize in defending all of the so-called “hard cases” in the abortion debate through sharing our personal stories, and we additionally act as a support network.  The deadly discrimination contained in the exceptions within the Iowa Heartbeat Law hurts us -- because our hearts beat too!

One of our members and a Save The 1 international pro-life speaker, Jennifer Christie -- a mother from rape, testified before a Senate hearing on this bill, which was originally introduced without exceptions.  I testified a year earlier on a life-at-conception bill.   We are grateful to the Iowa Coalition for Life -- a coalition of the major pro-life organizations in Iowa who brought us in to testify and who vigorously opposed the exceptions.  The video of Jennifer's three-minute testimony went viral.  When she heard of the exceptions being added, she was pained and so was I.  

We discussed what our response as an organization should be.  We could cooperate in order that we may have a "seat at the table" and be invited back to Iowa to speak and to testify again on a future bill.  But to what end?  To have another viral video which ultimately is rendered ineffective in gaining any protection for us and our children?  Do we want to be popular, or protected?

Others would like for us to roll over and play dead.  Sometimes it feels like the game is fixed -- like this is the Harlem Globetrotters and we are merely the Washington Generals.  We aren't supposed to cry foul when our players are thrown to the ground.  Politically, many are quite used to us being the sacrificial lamb, and we are supposed to somehow be understanding and cooperative as we are lead to slaughter.

We are told, "It's nothing against you personally," but we are persons, the attack on our very right to life could not possibly be more personal, and of course we will take it personally!

If it were just us who have already been born and merely a matter of our feelings being hurt, perhaps we could somehow "let it go," but there are others who are yet at risk, who are being targeted for killing, who are just as deserving of protection as any of us, and so, we are fighting back.

Planned Parenthood of the Heartland recently filed a lawsuit against the state of Iowa, and we are now filing a motion to intervene as necessary third party intervenors "of right" since the current Plaintiff, Planned Parenthood, clearly will not argue on behalf of our interests.  The exceptions within the Iowa Fetal Heartbeat law violate our fundamental right to life, depriving us of due process and equal protection under both the Iowa and U.S. constitutions.  Thankfully, there is a severability clause in the legislation so that the offending provisions can be severed and the remainder of the law upheld.  We have three attorneys representing Save The 1:  Erin Mersino -- a pro-life constitutional law attorney from Michigan with the Great Lakes Justice Center, Eric Borseth -- an attorney from Iowa and a board member of Personhood Iowa, and myself.

As a pro-life attorney, this is why I went to law school.  While attending Wayne State law school, I wrote what has been for decades the #1-ranked philosophical abortion essay, "The Right of the Unborn Child Not to be Unjustly Killed -- a philosophy of rights approach."  If I can't defend my own right to life in court, then what is the point of being a pro-life attorney?  What is the point of being alive?  Just to be selfish and live my life without caring about others who are yet at risk?  I was protected by Michigan law when my birth mother sought to kill me at two illegal abortions.  As a rape victim, she was not offered any help or hope -- just abortion.  My life was spared for a purpose, and for such a time as this I will use my life, my talents, my expertise and law degree to save others.

The discriminatory language in the Iowa Heartbeat law defines "medically necessary" as cases in which:

a. The pregnancy which is the result of a rape which is reported within forty-five days of the incident to a law enforcement  agency or to a public or private health agency which may include a family physician.

b. The pregnancy is the result of incest which is reported within one hundred forty days of the incident to a law enforcement agency or to a public or private health agency which may include a family physician.

c. Any spontaneous abortion, commonly known as a miscarriage, if not all of the products of conception are expelled.

d. The attending physician certifies that the fetus has a fetal abnormality that in the physician’s reasonable medical judgment is incompatible with life. 

Interestingly, among the bill’s definitions, rape, incest, fetal abnormality and incompatible with life are not included or even cross-referenced with other sections of the Iowa code, as other definitions are cross-referenced.  So the abortion providers get to decide what they deem to qualify as rape, incest and incompatible with life.

The rape, incest and fetal abnormality exceptions are based upon a fabrication that aborting these unborn children is “medically necessary.”  Not one witness testified in the Senate hearing as to such a medical necessity.  This language was added to appease state representatives in the House who said they would not approve the bill without language that excludes these children from protection.   In other words, the legislative intent was that they believed it was politically necessary – not medically necessary, if they were being honest.  The language not only excludes innocent children from protection, doing so under a faulty premise, but really was intended merely to protect certain politicians and nothing to do with protecting pregnant mothers.

The abortion physician is given the power to decide whether the unborn child has a fetal abnormality and whether the living unborn child with a detectable heartbeat is somehow “incompatible with life.”  These preborn children are actually disabled children, and as such, should be protected under the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Additionally, and equally as troubling, the report of the rape and/or incest merely needs to be made to the “public or private health agency” – in other words, to the abortion clinic.  So the abortion clinic becomes the sole arbiter of whether a woman was raped and whether her child is to suffer the death penalty for the alleged crimes of his or her biological father, with no guidelines provided within the legislation.  This clearly lacks due process and fails to provide equal protection.

The third prong of the exceptions doesn't even make sense at all, because the law only applies when there is a fetal heartbeat.  So how could this possibly be a spontaneous abortion situation when there's a beating heart?  In so many respects, the exception provisions are extremely poorly written law.

The targeting of our people groups for exclusion of protection, and in fact, for state-approved killing is clearly discriminatory.  The sting of this discrimination not only affects every unborn child who is deemed to fit into these legislative categories of rape, incest or fetal abnormality, but is lifelong – affecting every person born who was conceived in rape or given a challenging pre-natal diagnosis by a physician.  Additionally, it causes anguish to the mothers who became pregnant by rape or who were told by doctors to abort.  They grieve at how their children are so quickly devalued by politicians and within the law.

Permitting abortion for rape, incest and fetal abnormalities sends a message to our people groups that our lives are worth less than anyone else’s.  Imagine having an exception in cases of Asian babies, Jewish babies, or left-handed babies.  The message sent is that these people are not worthy of living and did not deserve to be protected like everyone else.  There would be an international outcry if such discrimination against these other people groups were even proposed.  Yet, it is the same for us, and we feel the sting of such hatred against or apathy toward our lives. 

The rape survivor mothers and those told by doctors to abort grieve how their children are systematically targeted and devalued.  The rape victim mothers are not believed they were raped because they didn’t abort and because they actually love their children. 

We appreciate concern for pregnant rape victims, but they are four times more likely to die within the next year after an abortion, as opposed to giving birth.  In Dr. David Reardon’s book, Victims andVictors: Speaking Out About Their Pregnancies, Abortions and Children ResultingFrom Sexual Assault, he cites the research done on the subject.  After an abortion, rape victims have higher rates of murder, suicide, drug overdose, etc..  Rapists, child molesters and sex traffickers love abortion, which destroys the evidence and enables them to continue perpetrating.  Sexual predators depend upon abortion clinics because the abortion protects them – not the pregnant rape victim.

Tragically, it is at times a girl’s own mother who has been either trafficking her or leaving her unprotected.  It is always the baby who exposes the rape, who delivers the pregnant mother out of the abusive situation, protecting her and bringing her healing.  If the legislators truly  care about rape victims,  then they must protect her from the rapist and from the abortion, and not the baby!  Her baby is not the enemy, despite what the legislated exceptions suggest.

In regards to a diagnosis of “incompatible with life” – it is impossible to be such when you are still living.  Physicians who peddle abortion are truly the ones with fatal heart defects, often failing to treat the children of parents who refused to abort.  A eugenics mentality becomes pervasive when you allow abortion.  For parents who are told by doctors to abort, the pressure is tremendous – and not just during the pregnancy, but after the child is born when doctors often refuse to treat their disabled child. 
The purpose of the Americans with Disabilities Act is to guaranty that people with disabilities have the same rights and opportunities as everyone else. The ADA gives civil rights protections to individuals with disabilities similar to those provided to individuals on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, age, and religion.  Accordingly, as a suspect class, the offending provisions against disabled children within the Iowa Heartbeat Bill should be subject to strict scrutiny.

The Iowa Heartbeat bill’s bewildering exceptions legislate extreme and inexplicable hatred toward disabled children in the womb, as well as those conceived in rape or incest.  Prenatal testing -- instead of being used to treat and heal -- is used for search and destroy missions for those with medically identifiable disabilities.  Iowa legislators have now authorized doctors to commit genocide against an entire people group, decreasing their voices and representation within society. 

This deliberate targeting and killing of our people groups also results in doubt being cast upon rape victims for not aborting “like a true rape victim would”, and the “blaming” of parents for not aborting their disabled children who are seen within much of the medical community as a burden on the health care system – much like the Nazi regime which employed the medical designation of “lebensunwertes leben” (“life unworthy of life”), referring to the disabled as “useless eaters.”

Using terminology such as “fetal abnormality” or “incompatible with life“ as classifications for children with disability is deceiving and treacherous treatment from a government which claims its citizens have equal protection under the law.  Born children and adults are treated by some physicians as “incompatible with life,” and doctors and hospitals point to “medical futility policies” in order to justify discrimination against these disabled individuals.  This deadly eugenics is alive and well today in the United States, and now codified in Iowa by the exceptions within this new law.

Physicians’ predictions are not medical certainty and denying the right to life and equal protection to entire groups of disabled children based on an abortion doctor’s best guess is not medical science.  Bias and arrogance of those who wish to promote biological superiority through the destruction of disabled children in the womb brings new meaning to the words biological warfare.  

A child’s God-given right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness should never be denied because of his or her disability or circumstances of conception.  His or her value is not based on what he or she is able to do or the behavior of his or her parents; rather, it is based on his or her humanity and that the child has been endowed by his or her Creator with these inalienable rights.

We’ve had parents within our organization who refused to abort and were told by doctors:
 “The only further testing you will receive is an autopsy,”
“If your child is born not breathing, we won’t resuscitate,” and
“Your child has already outlived her life expectancy.”
Some parents have endured others looking at their disabled child in their arms and asking, “Didn’t you get any pre-natal testing?”

The clear expectation and even obligation is to abort.  The Iowa legislature has now codified this deadly discrimination.

Since the government has not done its duty to protect disabled children in the womb, they are also targeted after leaving the womb.  Many children have medical treatments withheld and denied leading to their death simply because they have a disability. 

Children conceived in rape are often called dehumanizing names such as:

“Demon seed,” “evil seed,” “horrible reminder,” “rapist’s child” (an insult to every rape victim mother who knows that this is her child,) “monster’s child,” “demon spawn,” “Satan’s child,” “tainting the gene pool,” and on and on.  The exceptions within the Iowa Fetal Heartbeat law suggest there is something inherently different about the child conceived in rape that they would be unworthy of protection.  To legislate that aborting us is "medically necessary" further suggests that we are somehow medically harming our mothers -- furthering the notion that we are somehow the ones raping our mothers.  But we are entirely innocent and we plead our innocence.

While some states like Michigan, Georgia and Nebraska do not have a single rape exception within the law, there are other jurisdictions where the child conceived in rape is singled-out and systematically targeted for extermination.  This lack of equal protection undeniably feeds into the discrimination within the culture.  It codifies hatred, fear and prejudice against an innocent child.
A civilized nation must protect the lives of the innocent and disabled child, not target them for extermination and codify hatred.   It is barbaric to punish an innocent child for someone else’s crime.  The legislature should focus on punishing rapists, not babies and the Court must focus on protecting lives of the innocent and not the careers of politicians or interests of the abortion industry.  More violence does not bring healing, but only more pain, more destruction and a less empathetic society.

Given that there was no testimony before the Iowa legislature from physicians or expert witnesses to suggest that denying equal protection and due process for our people groups is somehow a “medical necessity,” it is impossible for the state to claim even a rational basis for the violation of the most fundamental right.   For the disabled unborn child, the state cannot claim any sort of governmental interest in codifying eugenics, and certainly not a compelling governmental interest.  Assuming medical necessity based upon faulty assumptions is deadly, and must not stand as a basis for violating the right to life and equal protection of the laws.

As far as we know, this is the first time in the U.S. and even globally that a group of people like us has defended our own right to life in court.  To every legislator nationwide who wants to target our people group within pro-life legislation:  we are united, we have a voice, and we will fight back!

BIO:  Rebecca Kiessling, conceived in rape, is a pro-life attorney, international pro-life 
speaker, wife and mother of 5.  She is the president and founder of Save The 1.  

Brad and Jesi Smith, Save The 1 pro-life speakers contributed.  Their youngest daughter, Faith, was born with Trisomy 18.  They were behind the Good Faith Medical Act passed in Michigan -- the first of its kind in the nation.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

More False Information from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, by Rachel Mary Guy

As I was scrolling through the Facebook page of the American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology I found an article done by Northwestern University.

According to a Northwestern University national survey on Teens, Technology, and Health, 84% of teens have gotten health information online. In addition to recommending teens see a Gynecologist before age 21, ACOG also has an entire patient FAQ section dedicated to questions and health concerns specific to teens.

I found it quite concerning as I looked at the flier done by ACOG also talking about the reasons why it is important for women to see a GYN before 21. Some of the topics they covered were LGBTQ, trans gender, bisexual, and "pregnancy options" (talking about abortion, adoption and parenting).  The site goes on to mention women's "options" talking about the way to keep their baby safe if they are parenting or talking about the option of adoption. ACOG mentions abortion as the first listed option when going over again the "options" for a pregnant woman. They say, "If you choose to have an abortion, it should be done early in pregnancy when there are fewer risks. If you have a medical condition, pregnancy may pose risks to your health and increase the risk of complications for the baby." There are two concerns and false information given.  First, abortion is not "safer" when it is done earlier. There are even more emotional effects on women who have abortions earlier particularly women who take RU-486 because they are the ones doing the abortion, their home is the abortion clinic and they often see their dead child. Also abortion is never necessary to "save a woman's life."

Also ACOG never mentions the side effects of abortion and their description of one claims the procedure to be "safe" yet they never explain what actually happens to the child and they never give the side affects of what truly happens to women after an abortion.

Sarah Torez wrote this Live Action article which talks about a woman's experience at an abortion clinic. This blog talks about the effects of a late term abortion on women. In Live Action's article it states, "Studies show that post-abortive women are 65 percent more likely to suffer from depression. Two studies based on medical records found that post-abortive women were six to seven times more likely to commit suicide. Other studies have linked abortion with post-traumatic stress disorder, sleep disturbances, and substance abuse." (

Here is the description from ACOG:

"In an abortion procedure, the embryo or fetus is removed from a woman’s uterus. If you decide to have an abortion, it should be done as early as possible. After 12 weeks, an abortion requires more steps and takes longer to perform.

What are the different types of abortion procedures?
Some abortion procedures are done by surgery. Some are done with medication. The type of abortion you have depends on your choice, your health, and how long you have been pregnant. See the FAQ Induced Abortion for detailed information about each type of abortion procedure.

When can each type of abortion be performed?
The most common type of surgical abortion is called vacuum aspiration. It can be performed up to 14 weeks of pregnancy in a health care provider’s office or clinic.

After 14 weeks of pregnancy, the abortion procedure is called a dilation and evacuation (D&E). A D&E takes longer to perform than a vacuum aspiration and it may require more than one visit. This procedure can be done in a health care provider’s office, clinic, or hospital. You usually can go home within a few hours after the procedure is completed.

In a medical abortion, certain drugs are taken to cause an abortion. For this option, a woman usually must be no more than 9 weeks pregnant.

What are the risks associated with abortion?
In general, abortion is a low-risk procedure. Risks and complications depend on how early the abortion is done and the method that is used. Fewer than 1 in 100 women have complications from an abortion performed before 14 weeks of pregnancy. For later abortions, up to 2 in 100 women have complications. In most cases, the risks from an abortion are less than the risks of giving birth to a baby. Most health care providers agree that having one abortion does not affect later pregnancies or a woman’s future health. However, the longer a woman waits to have an abortion, the more risk it carries for her.

What should I expect after having an abortion?
You usually will have a follow-up visit with your health care provider after the abortion. Be aware that you can get pregnant soon after having an abortion. You should use a birth control method to prevent pregnancy right away."


Former abortionist explains to Live Action founder Lila Rose, ""