Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Inconvenient Truths

By Darlene Pawlik, Savethe1 speaker-  practicing nurse, wife and mother of 5, conceived in rape, molested by her biological father, then became pregnant by rape after being trafficked from age 14-18, when she escaped to a maternity home to avoid a forced abortion.

When Norma McCorvey was approached, she agreed to the terms laid out by the lawyers; she would sign the documents they'd prepared.  Norma was Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade. 

The laws protected most preborn babies in Texas.  The lawyers challenged the law by claiming Roe was raped.  The child, having been conceived by rape, they insisted, was too much of a burden.  After all, who would force a woman to carry a baby conceived by rape? 

Please note; there is a baby.  A baby indistinguishable from a baby conceived by any other means.  A baby, just as valuable as one conceived with wine and roses.  A baby, fully human and most definitely alive.

Norma had her baby.  The case was for the rest of us.  It is a curious position to be in, to be designated as a classification of people who are legally killed.  Of course, it is for a limited time only.

The case, coupled with Doe v. Bolton, actually allowed abortion on demand for any reason at any time during pregnancy.  Roe was decided, in case of rape, but Bolton had provisions for health of the mother, including, but not limited to financial, medical, emotional or social.  Did I leave anything out?  I think not.

Rape was on the rise in the '60s & '70s.  There are reasons that would require a chapter of a book to explain.  Which I did in my book.   The important thing to note today is that rape is even more prevalent now.  

We live in a highly sexualized and increasingly violent culture.  Rape conception is not rare anymore. Savethe1 President, Rebecca Kiessling, has over a hundred people conceived by rape or born from rape in her contacts.  

Think about that for a moment.  Those are just the people who know they are conceived by rape and have made an effort to become a community.  How many more are there?

Since before the Roe Decision by the Supreme Court, there have been concerned people who actively worked to  create networks of people to combat the evil of abortion.  These activists banded together to strategize and protest abortion, to come up with solutions to crisis pregnancy and to educate the general public about the forthcoming tragedy.

In New England, Warren Goddard and Kathy Souza were among the forerunners and are still active today.  They gathered and fought the tide with a 100% ProLife stand. 

They are called ProLifers.  Sadly today, I am told, up to 60% of people who attest to being ProLife are ProLife with exceptions for rape, incest, fetal anomaly and life of the mother. That was the very basis of Roe in the first place!

Let's break it down; the baby is still a baby.  

  • Even if he was conceived by force.  
  • Even with fetal anomaly, she is still a child.  
  • Even in rare cases wherein the lives of mother and child are mutually endangered, the doctor has two patients; doctors must do their best to save both.  If one is lost, it is sad, but we should not advocate the intentional killing of the baby in order to potentially save the mother.
  • Every exception is a person.
  • Every one deserves the Right to Life.
  • Every one has inestimable value and potential that no one could possibly foretell. 

Norma changed her mind. She knows the truths above.
Sure, there are hard cases.  Life is messy, but we must take the high ground. 

We can provide positive, life affirming solutions for women that are in crisis situations.  Let's tackle the crisis. Find out what she really needs and provide materially, emotionally, finically or other. 

I thank God for so many who, get it. National Personhood Alliance gets it. Visit NPA No exceptions, no compromise groups insist on logic to prevail in the discussion about certain classes of people to whom the Right to Life applies.

Let's bring America back to Life is NPA's motto.  Do you think we can bring the US back to Life?