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Monday, January 8, 2018

Everyone in One Voice Told My Parents to Abort, by Stephen Johnson

My name is Stephen Johnson.  I was born in India, but raised up in Kuwait which is in the Middle East.  I’m married to a beautiful bride named Rinku Stephen.  We both serve the Lord around the world where ever the Lord leads us.  I want to share my testimony of how the Lord performed a miracle in my life and made me into the person I am today.
I got the privilege to be born into a Christian family.  I’m fifth generation Christian.  I have two siblings -- both older than me.  My sister is the oldest and is a doctor who settled in Canada, while my older brother is a pilot and an engineer who has settled in Australia.  I completed my Audio Engineering degree.

My mom used to take birth control pills . . . , and after awhile, she had a movement in her abdomen.  It continued to occur as the months passed.  She went to three doctors and they said nothing was happening of concern.  Later, she saw a different doctor and he said that my mom was pregnant.  A few months later, she went to another doctor and he said that my mom was pregnant -- with me.

That is when my parents came to know of my existence, and the doctors did not have very pleasant news to tell my parents. They said that the position of the baby was upside down and was in an abnormal stage.  After hearing this news, my parents did not know how to process this.  They were shattered.  

They shared the report the doctors had told them to their family, church, and relatives, but my parents did not get a good response from them either.  Everyone in one voice told them to abort the baby because they already had one girl child and a boy, so they said, "Why do you want the third child?"  So my parents were not sure what to do next and were in a terrific stage of making a major decision in their lives. 

One day ,while my parents were in the room, they said that God came into their room and told them “Do not kill the child because I’m going to send him to the nations to proclaim the good news.” They both heard the voice of God and that day they made the decision that whatever happens or whoever talks negative about this matter, they are not going to be concerned about it, and they dedicated me for ministry even before I was born.

Months passed by.  They kept hearing this terrible news.  Whenever my parents would go to see the doctors, they would say that the baby was abnormal, and "even if he comes out, he would not have legs or arms," or that "the baby will have missing parts in his body" and also that he will be blind. Whatever the doctors could say to try to get them to abort, they said to my parents.  Of course, they were upset with the news, but they knew that their God was able to do some miracle, so they believed and trusted God.

Finally, my mom gave birth to me, and I was born perfectly healthy, as a normal baby.  Whatever the doctors said I would be, God turned it completely opposite and blessed my life.  I had perfect vision, I had both my legs and my arms.  I was a normal baby boy at birth.

However, as months passed by, my parents noticed that I was quiet and that I was not interacting
much with anyone, even with my parents.  They tried to communicate with me, but I was not able to answer them.  Many months passed by and years too, and finally they figured out that I was born mute.  I could not even speak one word.  I could not call my parents daddy and mommy.  When they came to know about this news, they were really broken-hearted.

Now when everybody came to know about this matter, they started to mock my parents again, saying: “You should have killed the baby.  Now you suffer watching him not speak.” These were the words spoken to my parents, and again my parents were reminded of the voice of the Lord and they trusted that.  So they started fasting and praying for me.

One night, there was a mega-crusade happening in Kuwait, and my parents left all the kids home and went to the crusade.  Before the meeting ended, the pastor asked the crowd if there was anyone who wanted to heal.  Then he said to raise up the hands and declare by faith the healing power of the Lord. So by faith, my parents raised their hands and prayed for me.  In that meeting, many got healed and delivered.  My parents were so happy because they thought I was healed.  They came back home with a happy face, but soon after they started talking to me their faces were saddened because I was still the same.  God did not heal me that day.  They knelt down, prayed together and confessed.
The very next day, after they came back from work, they started to hear a voice that they had never heard before, so they checked on my siblings first, but they were just playing with their toys.  Then my parents were searching for me and what I was doing  -- I was hiding behind a door and was singing a Christian song!!  That’s when they knew that God had touched my mouth and healed me. God healed me when I was four and a half years old.  From then till now, He never allowed me to stumble.  I have been talking nonstop. 

God could have healed me when I was born, but he did not because He wanted my parents to have faith and obedience in Him so they could see with their own eyes that when they put their whole trust in Him, He will take care of everything.

BIO:  Stephen Johnson is a husband, sharing the gospel globally, and a pro-life blogger for Save The 1. Stephen and his wife Rinku are missionaires to Africa and North India.  Stephen can be contacted or followed on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.