Tuesday, August 29, 2017

I See My Son Reflected In You -- Message from Mother Who Miscarried After Rape, by Diana Contreras

This message moved me to tears! I received this heartfelt message from a Chilean mother just one week after the Chilean Supreme Court upheld the new abortion law legalizing abortion for rape, incest, fetal abnormality and life of the mother, and one week before I will arrive in Chile to speak, where I will have the opportunity to meet Diana in person. This letter is published here with her permission. I hope this will be an encouragement to everyone associated with Save The 1, to see that we are a global family who truly care for one another. -- Rebecca Kiessling

Dear Rebecca, I hope you are well. Unfortunately, my country of Chile gave the green light to death, but I would like to express my commitment to life.
I have thought a lot about you because I am the mother of two babies who died -- Angelito and Gabriel. The first one was the product of a rape when I was only 15 years old. I wanted to express my feelings of affection towards you because I see my son, Angelito reflected in you and not because of your origin, but because of your feelings of kindness and love towards the innocent.

I know that my son would have fought side by side with you and me. To me, you are much more than a product of rape. To me, you are love made flesh and I promise that I will continue fighting whether we have that law or not. Although. I must confess that I suffer seeing how the people have become cold and indolent, but I will not cease in my fight for my children and for all those who are to come, and for you too. I will not stop fighting against the culture of death.

Thank you for being a sight of my Angelito, who without knowing, with his short passing through my life left an eternal footprint. From here I send a hug and I ask my children to give you the strength to continue fighting, a hug with all my heart.

Diana Contreras
Angel of Light Foundation,
Spokesperson for identity in the law

Diana is a blogger for Save The 1 and our Spanish division, Salvar El 1. Her story appears here in English and here in Spanish.