Monday, July 10, 2017

Woman From El Salvador Given 30 Years For Killing Her Son Was Never Raped, by Rebecca Kiessling

If you search the name of "Evelyn Beatriz Hernandez Cruz," you will find a multitude
of global news stories written in English about this young woman from El Salvador who was recently sentenced to 30 years in prison for aggravated homicide for the death of her child – all of them saying she was a rape victim, and just about all of them using her story to advocate for the legalization of abortion in El Salvador.  But it’s finally being reported – in Spanish in the Salvadorian news outlets, including Fiscalia General De Republica and  – that she was never raped, but at 18 years old, had a consensual relationship with the baby’s father, Henry David Vásquez Hernández.

When I wrote an article about this story last week, I pointed out evidence that facts were being subverted by the media in order to push the abortion agenda, so I had our Spanish team (Salvar El 1 from Save The 1) reach out to pro-life leaders in El Salvador, and they provided us with links to these news stories telling the court records of what actually happened.  Our friends explained that the misinformation distributed to the English-speaking world is a concerted effort of pro-abortion feminists to interfere with the solidly pro-life policies established in El Salvador.

In a search of the father’s name -- Henry David Vásquez Hernández  -- I could not find a single story in English with this name, demonstrating that not one English language news outlet in the world is reporting the truth in this case, but simply repeating what’s been fed to them by the abortion lobby.

Not only is it a flat out lie that Hernandez Cruz was being gang-raped or even raped at all, but it was also a lie that the baby was delivered in and found in a toilet.  In fact, the baby was found at the bottom of a septic tank which his mother had thrown him into.  
The manipulated facts were also that the baby was stillborn.  However, coroners testified that the baby had been alive 12 to 24 hours before being killed and had breathed and sucked.  It was determined that he did not have blood on him because he’d been cleaned after his birth, and that he died from inhaling feces.

Hernandez Cruz went to the hospital seeking care for herself, still denying she’d ever been pregnant.  She claimed she threw something “hot and big” into the septic tank, but denied knowing this was a baby. 

On rumors she was pregnant, a health care professional had visited the home several times during her pregnancy, offering pre-natal care.  But Hernandez Cruz refused, claiming she was not pregnant.

This is a horribly tragic story.  Every effort was made to get pre-natal help for this 18 year old and her unborn child.  This is not an example of a young mother who wasn’t offered help and didn’t have access to the care she needed.

The abortion lobby is manipulating this story to advance more bloodshed.  They would have you believe that this situation would have not been tragic at all if they could have just killed the baby before he’d been born.

Every child is worthy of protection, without exception. The abortion advocates’ lies once again demonstrate why you cannot trust them, and why a rape exception will open the door for abortion on demand for any reason through all nine months of pregnancy, because if the woman isn’t fabricating a story that she was raped, you can surely count on the abortion clinics to do so.

BIO:  Rebecca Kiessling is an international pro-life speaker, attorney, wife, mother of 5,
founder and President of Save The 1, co-founder of Hope After Rape Conception, and author of the Heritage House ’76 pamphlet “Conceived in Rape:  A Story of Hope.”  Visit her website at


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