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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Dear Feminists at the Women's March on Washington, by Caroline Jean

Dear Feminists,

A note concerning the Women’s March on Washington:

Susan B. Anthony, Mary Wollstonecraft, Alice Paul, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell would call those women who marched on behalf of abortion,"Tools of the patriarchy."

Women deserve better from our society than abortion as an answer to our social problems.  In fact, Feminists for Life founder, Serrin Foster explains: “Abortion is a reflection that society has not met the needs of women.”  Our feminist foremothers knew that, and so they condemned the act of abortion, calling it infanticide -- and this was prior to 4D ultrasound technology, which reveals beyond a doubt that abortion ends a rapidly developing human life.

Except for some unwitting participants, the women who attended the March last Saturday enforced the terrifying concept that some human beings are property.  They rejected science and the modern concept of human rights to parade for the ability to destroy the life of their own offspring.  The March on Washington allegedly concerned the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump.  In reality, the event -- sponsored by Planned Parenthood and NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League) was a marketing tool for the abortion industry.  This was proven by their removal of Students for Life of America, And Then There Were None, and the consistent non-violence group, New Wave Feminists.  

The Women’s March on Washington clearly and tangibly defined feminism for millennials as nothing more than an accessory for white women.  It’s a trendy laptop label and a hot pink bumper sticker.  I wanted to believe that the March was truly dedicated to the concept of protesting sexism and empowering women. However, as I read the standards required to participate, I realized that the principles the organizers established were really only extensions of the Democratic Party. I quickly noted that those who deviated from a radical leftist agenda were excluded by the March’s leadership. My concern was validated by the behavior of the women at the March toward Pro-Life feminists, who were accosted, assaulted, and forced to endure the humiliation of having their signs ripped apart in front of them.

I write this as a woman who was once pro-abortion, even into the third trimester. I was particularly convinced that those conceived in rape or with fetal abnormalities deserved the death penalty. I once bought into the lie that level of development determined the value of a human being, as well as their method of conception, and their future utility. My former blind belief in abortion, backed by neither science nor logic, has made me now skeptical of huge social movements. Indeed, in this season of life, when I see the band wagon rolling passed, I usually prefer to walk rather than to ride. I am now a pro-life feminist who opposes violence against women, wage inequalities, long-standing cultural bias, and abortion. I still wear hot pink because Planned Parenthood does not own the color, just as they do not own the ability to dictate what it means to be a feminist.

My conversion to Pro-Life occurred in 2013, when Georgia Right to Life brought their display, the Pillars of Personhood, to my college campus. I initially approached the display with anger, but eventually returned to speak with the counselors concerning abortion and why I felt it should remain legal. This encounter changed my views and my life, as those present patiently walked me through the panels of their display. That day, I was more informed and became Pro-Life, while remaining a feminist.

Our feminist foremothers, who established what it meant to be a feminist, would not have been present at the Women's March on Washington -- except perhaps to prove that feminism is actually pro-woman, pro-child, pro-life.

In essence, feminism boils down to three tenets: non-violence, equality, and non-discrimination.  Second Wave Fauxminists altered these tenets as simply "equality of genders" in the latter half of the Twentieth Century so that they could justify abortion.  Make no mistake -- there is nothing more violent and discriminatory than abortion.  There is nothing more hideous and demeaning and objectifying than a woman feeling that she has no other choice but to give birth to a dead baby.  There is nothing more violating for a woman than to have her uterus wrenched open with a metal rod, and her baby gutted from a place that should have been a weapon free zone.  There is nothing more hateful than a 10-week old baby, with his or her organs in place and a heartbeat, attempting to evade the lethal grip of the abortionists' sopher slip. There is nothing more anti-human rights than using an ultrasound to watch a human baby attempt to evade the instrument which will dismember him, which will crush his heart, which will decapitate him.

There is nothing more cruelly ironic than the fact that the only way for a doctor to go into an abortion, without doing so blindly, is to use the baby's heartbeat to find him.  And then the only way to know that the baby is truly dead is to piece his little body back together again on the cold metal table.

Yet, just as women marched to prevent suffrage, these women march to protect an institution which only really furthers the interest of men.  But don't worry ladies, the real feminists are approaching Washington -- the March for Life is Friday.

For Life,
Carly McCurry

BIO:  Caroline Jean is a senior at the University of North Georgia and the President of UNG Students for Life.  She's also a pro-life speaker and pro-life blogger for Save The 1