Monday, May 2, 2016

We Gave the Best in our Hands for Him to be Happy While Growing in the Womb by Gustavo Armijo Griñen

At 20 weeks of gestation my partner went to her first ultrasound and the doctor told us it was
a boy (Alonso). He also said he had "holoprosencephaly." The whole world came down on us, This was our first child, and from the moment we learned we were going to be parents were the happiest couple ever.

At this news, we wanted to have a second opinion and traveled to Santiago, Chile where she took another 3D ultrasound, and the diagnosis was "Acrania" (he was missing part of his encephalic mass).

They recommended an abortion (if it had been legal in Chile, or go elsewhere), but we did not hesitate for a second that we would keep on going, and relied on God, praying for a miracle or that our little one would not suffer much. In addition, we sent a letter to the Brazilian monks with much faith, because we had to try everything.

The following months were very hard, but also the best.  As the weeks passed, we sang to him, we talked to him, we went to the beach, the countryside, birthday parties, and to many family gatherings.  We took thousands of photos, and gave many kisses on the belly and never got tired of saying that we LOVED him.  He was the most beautiful thing God could send us.

Little Alonso's due date was the first week of January this year, but he came early and was born on December 23rd at 8:37 p.m., my fighter.  Our happiness, but also concern, for my partner and our family, was enormous.

My little one was with us one hour and two minutes. Then he went to heaven because God needed a fighter angel. 

It's been 4 months now since our son's death.  We are happy because we gave the best in our hands for him to be happy while growing in the womb and in the short hour he was with us.

We know we have a little angel who cares and loves us, as we made him feel loved.  We will never forget what we went through, and the love we still have for our "Alonso Ignacio."

Gustavo Armijo Griñen is from Chile and wrote out his story for Save The 1's spanish division -- Salvar El 1.