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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Planned Parenthood Puts Prices on Preborn Babies, But What Is YOUR Worth? by Robyn McLean

There are many articles being written on the exposure of Planned Parenthood selling aborted baby parts (sometimes, a fully intact baby) through videos, so, rather than focusing on similar facts and proofs, I am going to share from my heart and dig into some tender areas.

One of the many issues that is weighing heavily on my spirit, is that there’s more scrutiny just because the baby parts are being sold.  It is a horrifying and truthful fact.
However, whether Planned Parenthood sells baby parts or not, the horrified response from a diverse audience proves abortion is wrong and dehumanizing.  Do we suddenly realize a human’s worth once a price has been put on them for someone else’s gain or profit?  Such a dreadful act should not be the motivator to defend someone’s life, much less an innocent baby’s life. 
What do we need to put value on someone’s life?  Is it status, background, prestige, ability, possession, demand, rarity, desirability, beauty, and many other “qualities” like these?  It shouldn’t be.  Though sometimes nice, such characteristics and assets are certainly nowhere near an appraisal on human value.  Culture has allowed the spread of human insignificance to permeate who we are, unless we somehow “prove our worth” by whatever will please those around us.  We have to fight that.  But, perhaps most of us cannot find much value within ourselves.  That too, weighs heavily on my heart.  This article is more than about the loss of innocent babies who were waiting to receive love and to give love. 
This article is about YOU.
What are you worth? 
Perhaps others have not said it.
You are priceless.  You are a precious gem of a person, whether you’ve been discovered or not.  It doesn’t matter.  YOU matter already.  It’s not something you need to earn.  It’s not something you need to perform or display a certain way in order to establish significance.  Other people do not base your worth. 
You are not replaceable, and you are not disposable.  Though humans in their erring ways have spurned you, you are not unwanted.  You may not believe in God, but you are valuable to Him, and He’ll embrace you in your messiest moments! 
So, just because people in society have failed you, as much as they have failed unborn babies, in establishing respect and value for your life, that doesn’t lessen you as a person.  No one else can appraise you, because you are PRICELESS!!!
-          Robyn McLean
BIO:  Robyn McLean is a national, inspirational & motivational speaker/writer on a wide spectrum and a Save The 1 pro-life speaker and blogger.  She brings a thought-provoking outlook through a variety of topics.  Her aim is to break down the walls that divide people, without compromising the values and beliefs in which she strongly stands by with conviction.  She is a wife and mother and resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  She enjoys playing the piano, singing, hiking, building websites, trying new food, and sharing coffee time with people.  Learn more about her at, and stay connected on Facebook: