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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Murder: Legal With Counseling!!! by Rowena Slusser

Murder: Legal with Counseling!!!
by Rowena Slusser 

BREAKING NEWS: The United Nations Bans The Killing of People By ISIS Members Except If Those People Are Christians. In Those Cases, The ISIS Member Must First Get Counseling From A Non-ISIS Organization To Give Them All Possible Options For Dealing With The Christians! If The Christian Is A Minor, The Parent Must First Be Notified Of The Minor Christians Demise.

That is a bit extreme, right?  No, not really. Today I woke up and checked my Facebook. To my horror, I found that Congress is pushing forward the HR36 Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act with a rape exception in it. The wording removes the reporting requirement, and adds that the woman needs to receive counseling, notifying her of all her options. It also says that if a minor is involved, that the appropriate legal agencies are to be notified. What this bill is saying is that aborting a child conceived in rape, a child that can feel pain, will remain legal under the ban as long as the woman gets counseling.

This rhetoric is no different than the fake headline I have above. Yet many Pro-Life groups are celebrating that this bill will go to a vote. As I engaged on social media, I actually had a person post the following in favor of exceptions,
“...Including the exceptions is a smart move, it gives the bill a more feasible chance of  either becoming law or hurting pro-abortion politicians who vote against it.
To explain away the use of exceptions by calling it a smart move, is inexcusable.  The lives of children conceived in rape or incest/rape should not be used as a pawn to give a law more of a chance to pass or to hurt pro-abortion politicians. This way of thinking is backwards and exploits lives of pre-born babies.

As I watch my Twitter account explode with excitement over this bill going to the floor for a vote, my heart aches. Hearts are calloused to the truth that children conceived in rape and/or incest/rape have value, are just as human, and wanted. We want to be loved. We want to be cherished and protected.

Instead of being loved and protected, we are at the mercy of the people in our moms life. Will they support her and help her choose life, or will they pressure and coerce her into having an abortion? And that is where the stigma begins. The stigma that a child conceived in rape receives starts long before that baby is ever born. It is labeled with shame, disgrace and dishonor. Before the child starts his/her life outside the womb, he/she has been given a bad reputation.

This child will be forced to carry the title of the rapists child or be labeled an abomination. When the child finds out how his or her conception happened, it will most likely feel immense shame. The child will likely hear people say that because of the horrible way the child was conceived, the moms life would have been easier if she would have opted for abortion. The child will see news articles quoting Pro-Lifers saying abortion is murder except for the case of rape or incest. Is this truly the message that we want to send?

Have we as Christian Pro-Lifers, lost sight of the fact that EVERY LIFE MATTERS? Please search your heart and open your eyes to see that children conceived in rape or incest/rape have value, deserve to be protected and fought for under this ban. Join others and me from organizations like Save The 1, in calling for an amendment to completely remove the rape exception from the 20-week Abortion Limit bill that is headed to theU.S. House floor on May 13, 2015.

BIO:  Rowena Slusser was conceived by incest/rape. She is a wife and homeschool mother of 2.  Shes available for speaking, and is a pro-life blogger for Save The 1.  She can be contacted at, and  also has a personal blog at