Sunday, April 26, 2015

Should Babies From Rape Be Allowed To Live? by Marcella Franseen

Should Babies From Rape Be Allowed To Live?

Many people who are uncomfortable with abortion being used as birth control will make an exception to their generally pro-life world view in the case of rape. We are told, and many are convinced, one must make this exception to be a caring person.
As was expressed to me by a man considering himself to be pro-life, but making a rape exception, “I could never make someone carry their rapist’s baby.” He felt this was the merciful position.
The rape exception is one of the more powerful arguments for the continued legality of abortion. Any discussion on the reversal of Roe V. Wade will be met with the issue of pregnancy due to rape.
Rape is a horrible violence against women. It is wrong! The perpetrator of the violence should be punished and the victim protected and helped, but when a child is conceived through rape, there is no longer one innocent victim. There are two.
It is no surprise the pro-choice community denies unborn children conceived in rape the unalienable right to life. They deny all unborn children their unalienable right to life. It is curious, though, that people who would otherwise consider themselves pro-life would make this exception.
When we make an exception to the right to life we devalue not only the lives of those people we are exempting, but the lives of the women carrying them, plus the lives of our neighbors, our children, and even our own lives. Either all human beings are created equal with the unalienable right to life or no human being is, for if we can make one exception we can make every exception.  

Bio: Marcella has served as a Center Director, client advocate, and abortion recovery facilitator for a pro-life medical pregnancy center. She is currently the Director of AbortionRecoveryAssistance in South Carolina where she resides with her husband and three children. She is passionate about the inherent value and dignity of all people from conception and is equally passionate about the grace of God, through Jesus Christ, for those who have chosen abortion or are involved in the industry. She is a blogger at and