Thursday, November 6, 2014

Finally Pregnant, Now Abort?!

My husband, Peter, and I had tried for almost 7 years to have a child. 
After a specialist found and removed my endometriosis, I was able to conceive.  The elation we felt was indescribable.  We began telling people immediately after I found out I was pregnant.  The specialist released me into the care of a practice that was known to be one of the best.  My husband and I never thought to question the referral, as we never realized that not all doctors value life.

My pregnancy started off fine, but before the end of the first trimester I began to get horribly sick.  The doctor said everything was normal.  My mother felt I needed to get an IV right away, but every time I consulted my ob/gyn, he assured me that I was fine.  During a visit, he told me that my protein test indicated there was a chance that my baby had Downs Syndrome and he wanted to do an amniocentesis test.  I assured him that even if the baby did in fact have Downs that we loved him or her and would not risk harming the baby with the test. 

I went in for the ultrasound in week 22 even though my husband was out of town on business.  Not long after the ultrasound began, the technician asked to leave for a moment.  I was not prepared for what was about to happen.  A doctor from the practice, not my primary doctor, came in and very frantically started to tell me my baby must not have any kidneys and must have a chromosomal abnormality not compatible with life. She wanted me to have an abortion since half my amniotic fluid was gone.  I immediately told this doctor that I would never have an abortion.  The doctor insisted the baby would never live and I might die, too. 

I immediately called my husband.  He said that he would try and reach my primary doctor and be back in touch with me.  My primary doctor told him it was nothing to worry about and for me to just drink more water.   This absolutely stunned me and I immediately called my mother, a great lover of Jesus and a prayer warrior, and she began to pray.

Two weeks later on March 24, 1998, my husband and I went back for the follow up ultrasound at 24 weeks.  The same doctor I had seen at the last ultrasound came back in and this time said NOW I HAD NO AMNIOTIC fluid.  The doctor was more frantic as she said there must be a chromosomal abnormality incompatible with life.  Again, we refused to even consider abortion.  This doctor said there was no way the baby would live and if for some reason the baby did, that the lungs would be so premature that there would be nothing they could do.  We were devastated and shocked.  Our primary doctor was still unavailable so we went upstairs to another doctor.  

We were about to have one of the most shocking conversations of our lives. For at least 20 minutes we sat across from this doctor who kept telling us we needed to abort.  Another doctor said that the only test offered would be an autopsy. Over and over AND OVER my husband and I refused.  This doctor said that our child would have no quality of life.  We explained that yes this child would because this child would be loved unconditionally. No matter what I said, this doctor refused to listen.  This doctor's words were grieving to our hearts as he said, "In seven years of practice, no one in your position has ever not aborted."  We were sick at the thought of all those babies that were aborted because of a poor in utero diagnosis!  It was clear at that point that our family had been written off by this doctor and his practice. 

We went home and called my mom who said the most powerful words straight from Jesus, "As long as there is a heartbeat, there is hope. We pray!" That put our focus back on Jesus and the great hope that there was still a life to be fought for.  A friend of ours from church, also a doctor, found a doctor to help us.  He used words like "reasonable hope," and did not think there was a chromosomal abnormality. He was committed to honor our request to fight for life.  He valiantly
fought for our Rachel, as did his colleague, and Rachel was born via C section at week 26, at one pound two ounces and was in the hospital for 5 and 1/2 months.  

Today at 16 years old she is the picture of health and a joy to our hearts and many others.

Suzanne Guy lives with her husband and daughter, Rachel in Georgia. She and Rachel tell their story to the glory of God. 


Anonymous said...

I'm glad everything turned out okay, inspite if a rough beginning. But I wonder if that doc who said no one has not aborted was lying just to try and scare this brave mom into an abortion. What if the next time he told another patient the same thing, that no one has not not have an abortion. I just hope every other patient he has had since then also refuse to accept his diagnosis and find a pro-life doc and trust in the Lord.

Anonymous said...

This is an amazing story! Thank you for sharing!