Monday, September 1, 2014

Conceived in Rape – 3 Part Series

Abuse. Sex trafficking. Rape. Back-alley abortions. Organized Crime. On Family Talk, Dr. James Dobson interviews a panel of women all of whom were conceived in rape.

These women beautifully illustrate for us, the reasons to take a 100% ProLife Position in every conversation.  These are stories of God's redemption from even the worst circumstances.

We hope you'll listen and be blessed and then contact these and other speakers from Savethe1 to share their stories with your group, at all kinds of events, at your church, camps, at schools and before your legislature. They are all accomplished speakers and their heart for people is evident in everything they do.

Rebecca Kiessling is the founder of Save The 1 organization. She was adopted as an infant. At 18 she found out she was conceived in rape and then met her biological mother at 19 years old.

Robyn McLean is from Colorado Springs, and is an adoptee who IS A MOTHER who became pregnant by rape. She is now raising her son. She’s the co-founder of Rising Legacies, for adoption education and training. She got into an abusive controlling relationship in college and after telling her boyfriend she didn’t want to have sex again until they were married and he began to rape her. She became pregnant and her son is now 3. Robin married her abuser.

Travon Clifton is from Michigan. She is a former chemical engineer, licensed Baptist minister and radio producer for Equipped For Life with Pastor Brooks. She is a wife and mother, and was conceived in rape.

Darlene Pawlik was conceived by rape, grew up feeling worth less than others and was a target of human trafficking at 13, sold into prostitution on her 14th birthday, she faked an abortion to get free from the man holding her. She pledged her life to God and married a wonderful man, raised five great children and now has two grandchildren.

Mary Rathke is from Michigan. As an adopted daughter whose schizophrenic birth mother had been raped, Mary shares that even after such a horrible encounter one can choose life and joy.